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- Valentine's Day -



Lobster Fish Cakes

(Lobster cakes, Served on a bed of rocket salad With Sweet Chilli Dip)

Pepper Ripiene (V)

(Pepper filled with goats cheese, sundry tomato, spinach, cream, tomato sauce, served on a ciabatta bread)

Involtine Di Vittello

(Veal, ham, mozzarella, asparagus, served with tomato and mushroom sauce)

Zuppa (V)


Main Courses


Lemon Sole At Fratelli

(Fillet lemon sole cooked with prawns, cherry tomato, with cream, mustard & champagne sauce, with side order of fresh vegetables)

Bistecca Romeo

(Sirloin steak with charlottes, mushrooms & cream Sauce served with French fries)

Pollo At Fratelli

(Chicken breast grilled, served with roasted vegetable)

Pasta Couri (V)

(Ravioli on a pink sauce top up with chives)


Chocolate Fondant

Strawberry cheesecake


Buon Appetito

£30.00 per person

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