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- Christmas Menu -


Stuffed Mushrooms

(Chicken, Cheddar cheese, Sundried Tomatoes & Pomodoro Sauce)

Melon Prawn Cocktail

(Pawns, salad and cocktail sauce)

Insalata Tricolore (V)

(Avocado, tomato & mozarella salad)

Zuppa Del Giorno (V)

(Fresh homemade vegetables soup)

Main Course

Tacchino Arrosto*

(Traditional Roasted Turkey with all the Trimmings)

Lombo Di Maiale*

(Roasted belly pork served with apples, red onions & apricots cooked in red wine sauce)

Salmone Di Natale*

(Fillet of Salmon with fresh tomatoes, cream, brandy & tarragon sauce)

Chef's Homemade Vegetarian Laagne (V)

(Lays of pasta & vegetables covered in bechamet & tomato sauce)

Penne Arrabiata (V)

(Pasta tubes cooked in a Garlic, Tomato & Chili Sauce)

(* Main courses will be served with a selection of seasonal vegetables)


Christmas Pudding



Vanilla Ice Cream 


Buon Appetito 

A deposit of £10.00 per head is required at time of booking for parties of 6 or more. 

Large parties of 10 or more are advised to let us know their menu choices before-hand.

10% service charge will be discretionary for service.

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